1. Segueway

  2. Verse 1

  3. Chorus 1

  4. Verse 2

  5. Segueway

  6. Verse 3

  7. Chorus 2

  8. Note

    This version was written in honor of Apple Computer's friendly acquisition of NeXT Software, Inc. on December 20, 1996. NeXTSTEP is NeXT's highly regarded object-oriented system software and development environment, which uses the C-based language Objective-C and will form the basis of the next Macintosh. Apple's CEO Gil Amelio is bringing back Steve Jobs (NeXT's CEO and Apple co-founder, who was ousted from Apple over 10 years ago) as a special consultant to help architect Apple's future. Ellen Hancock, Apple's executive VP of R&D, picked NeXTSTEP over Be Inc.'s BeOS to replace Apple's failed Copland next-generation Operating System. NeXT VP of Engineering Avie Tevanian will be in charge of creating the new merged OS. Good luck, everybody!

    Adapted from the Bayside Boys Mix of Macarena by Los Del Rio